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. . . Shuffles a blend of excellent Bible teachers such as Chuck Smith, James MacDonald and Greg Laurie. Live worship experiences are also aired from Fresh Life Church with Pastor Levi Lusko. Fresh Life Radio also features music from artists including The Digital Age, Switchfoot, Blindside, and maybe a few others you haven’t heard of.

Our Vision

To See People
who are stranded in sin
find life and liberty
in Jesus Christ

What is fresh life radio?

Fresh Life Radio airs in the cities of Kalispell MT at 91.3 FM and Billings MT at 88.9/107.1 FM. It also streams online at freshliferadio.com and on mobile devices via the Fresh Life Church Mobile Application.

Fresh Life Radio isn't your typical Christian radio station. If you listen, you’re probably not only going to hear music topping the billboard charts of the Christian Music Industry. You're going to hear popular artists like Chris Tomlin and The David Crowder* Band, but you're also going to hear an assortment of songs by bands you've never heard of before.

From 8:00 to 11:30 am Fresh Life Radio starts out the day with bible teachings mixed in with modern worship. By mid-afternoon you’ll hear from artists with alternative rock, worship, and indie backgrounds. Finally, as the evening approaches more hard rock and hip-hop music begins to play, taking center stage. Fresh Life Radio is killer teachings, alternative rock, groundbreaking indie, and modern worship.

What artist do we play?

We get that question often. The answer is so simple. Fresh Life Radio plays artists who are Christians.

The great Christian philosopher, C.S. Lewis, once said, "We do not need more people writing Christian books; what we need is more Christians writing good books." We feel the same way about music. We want to promote all Christians, not just the ones writing Christian songs. We want to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike by playing music that is relatable and done well.

Contest rules

Employees of KFLF-FM / KYWH-FM, its affiliated organizations, and immediate families are not eligible to win any Fresh Life Radio Contest and only one member per household is eligible to win within a 30 day time period.

Prizes will be held for up to 10 business days, and for those living outside the Flathead Valley or Billings areas, prizes will be mailed within the same time period. Identification will be required for prizes valued at fifty dollars or more. All entrants to any KFLF-FM / KYWH-FM contest both imply and agree to participate in the contest and obey the rules by their participation in the contest. All prizes must be accepted as awarded. Prizes are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and are not redeemable for cash or other prizes. KFLF-FM / KYWH-FM retains the right to substitute a prize with another similar prize of equal or greater value in the event the original prize offered is not available for any given reason. If a concert or other ticketed event has been awarded as a prize and the concert or event is postponed, rained out, cancelled, or does not occur as planned for other reasons beyond our control, KFLF-FM will not be responsible for replacing the prize.

The winner permits KFLF-FM / KYWH-FM to use their name, voice and/or likeness without prior notice or compensation, for promotional purposes in connection with the contest in either broadcast or print forms. The winner is responsible for all costs associated with travel to any venue or event for which a prize was awarded, unless otherwise specified. KFLF-FM / KYWH-FM contest rules are subject to change.