Fresh Life


Modern Worship.

Some of the best Bible
teachers on the planet.

All designed to bring those stranded in sin to life and liberty in Jesus Christ.

Fresh Life Radio isn't your typical Christian radio station. You're not only going to hear chart topping songs of the Christian Music Industry. but you're also going to hear an assortment of songs by bands you've never heard of before.

Starting at 8:00 AM, Fresh Life Radio begins the day with bible teachings mixed in with modern worship. By mid-afternoon you'll hear from artists with alternative rock, worship, and indie backgrounds. Finally, as the evening approaches more hard rock and hip-hop music begins to take center stage.

Fresh Life Radio plays artists who are Christians. We want to promote all Christians, not just the ones writing Christian songs. We want to encourage Christians and non-Christians alike by playing music that is relatable and done in excellence.

  • 88.9FM

    Billings, MT

  • 107.1FM

    Billings, MT